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Caprese salad tomaotes mozarella basil olive oil

"I'm definitely not a chef. But for some reason I love to entertain, I love to drink, and I fucking love to cook."

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Hi, my name is Cole

I’m not sure who would read this, or why. I’m not a chef, I’m definitely not an “influencer”, I have no formal or classical training, and my only “professional” cooking experience is eight fun years in an Italian cafe and a few slinging burgers, $1 domestics and sugary shots at a college bar.

If you haven’t written me off yet, cool. I hope you keep reading and I hope I inspire you to try something new. One thing is for certain, you shouldn’t take me or anything I say too seriously, no matter how serious I pretend to be. Follow my recipe to the word or use it for inspiration to tweak as you go. I’d prefer the latter, cooking is all about your taste and making it your own.

If there’s a shortcut method or a lazy way to do something I’ll make sure to call it out because let’s be real - Not everyone wants to spend two hours making dinner after sitting in meetings all day that could have been an email.

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