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Fuck Communism - The Cuba Libre

Fuck Communism.

Rum and the Caribbean are impossible to separate in my mind. The most obvious association is with Cuba. Let me start off by saying this, I’m going to stray away from most politics, they don’t really have any place on a food blog. But I will say it’s a shame more people do not get to experience Cuba. I was fortunate enough to spend one day there, drinking and smoking cigars through Havana during a window where the Obama Administration had begun to open the country to the possibility. I truly treasure that memory. Too often we only hear about the problems with their government but we don’t often hear enough about the people there. They are deeply passionate and uniquely friendly, more so than many of the other Caribbean countries I’ve visited. We had the pleasure of sharing a few Cuba Libres with a local guide, and it was quite interesting to learn about how the economy (and the black market) of the country really works (hint: communism doesn’t). I’d love to go back without jumping through the loopholes that you would need to today, maybe by the time you read this, or I finish this… things will have changed.

This is such a simple drink that I almost passed over putting on my site. Maybe my obsession for this drink is anchored in my memories of Havana, but isn’t all great food and drink tied to a memory or an emotion?

There’s really only two things that are important to make this good: Real Coke (No not that kind…), the one in a glass bottle with real cane sugar, and a good quality spiced rum.

I’ll spell out the steps for those that like their hand held.



  • Real Coke

  • Rum

  • Lime

Step 1- Fill a glass with ice

Step 2- Pour 2 Oz of a good quality spiced rum

Step 3: Top with real Coke

Step 4 - Maybe garnish with a lime

Step 5 - Talk passionately with friends


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